Arief Munandar – Chief Executive Officer

Arief Munandar is a Leadership Coach and Learning & Development Expert. He earned his doctorate in sociology, specializing in political sociology and the sociology of the Organization of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Indonesia. Previously, Arief finished S1 and S2 from the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia, with the concentration of financial management.


Sandy Sugandhy – Chief Marketing Officer

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from Universitas Indonesia who loves to develop business. Interested to build business from the scratch since studied at college. Kafilah and Be-on were several examples of business that I built on my journey.

Currently making magic in Peopleshift. Peopleshift is consulting agency who focus on people development through training and digital learning.

I truly believe in focusing on people development will give the most valuable growth in the organization. If you’re seeking the best feed for growing your people, I’m here to help.

Mochammad Auditya Brilliant –  Chief Inovation & Technology

Passionate technology and risk management enthusiast with 10+ years of experience leading multiple projects in many companies. He got his master from one of the modern universities in the UK. He believes in the value of education. In Peopleshift, he takes care of technology and innovation.