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A new learning experience like no others

Don’t just give your leaders a course to complete. With peopleshift, your leaders will be immersed in a experiential program designed specifically with relevant and real-life demands as the foundation.

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Building leaders at every level

Learning programs can take many shapes and formats. Peopleshift has created dozens of engaging programs, from experiential, learning-based onboarding programs to highly complex simulations. Our programs influence leaders at every level, from emerging millennials leaders to senior executives.

Small Details Create Insightful Experience

Special Program: The Culture Camp

Learn innovative and creative culture from Indonesia’s leading startup companies. This program enable you to build networks and share best practice on building culture and managing millennials talent.

Our Initiative: Peopleshift Academy

We’re passionate on developing millennials leaders. Peopleshift academy is the program designed to prepare fresh graduate and final year student to be ready to enter the workforce.

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